1st Druze High-Tech Economic Empowerment Center

המכון הדרוזי הראשון להעצמה טכנולוגית וכלכלית מבית העמותה לקידום החייל הדרוזי

1st Druze High-Tech
Economic Empowerment Center

إطلاق أول معهد بني معروف للتمكين التكنولوجي والاقتصادي من جمعية النهوض بالجندي من بني معروف

DTEC Donation Station


Friends in Canada, Panama, Germany, Australia, Netherlands and all other countries who wish to donate via a local entity:  

We are still seeking an appropriate partner in your area.

In the meantime please use IsraelGives through which donations are tax deductible in Israel, Canada, USA, France and UK

Please be aware that a 3.5% or more service fee is  involved with both these options. Please consider helping us cover this extra cost in addition to your generous donation. Please remember to ALWAYS indicate that your donation recommendation is the DTEC via the Druze Veterans Association!

As always - we thank you profusely for your continued generous support!

The DTEC - The 1st Druze High-Tech Economic Empowerment Center

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